Lucie Van Bogaert (ESR 14)

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Aïda Regel Poulsen
5 months ago

Thank you for this presentation.
I notice you focus to France.
Since I am Danish and we have – it seems – many more with CIs than in other countries in the World, do you think you could compare with other nations? and what would be the pros and cons?
There is an international work going on – how can France contribute to this?

Van Bogaert Lucie
5 months ago

Hello Aida,

Sorry for the late reply, I hadn’t seen your comment. It is true that the results are very specific to France and the national policies for the education of deaf children are different from one country to another, which could explain the difference between the number of children implanted in Denmark and in France. For the time being, we do not plan to compare countries. But it is true that this could be very important data!

Thank you very much for your interest in my study 

Lucie Van Bogaert

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