The Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) is a government-funded research organisation under the responsibility of the French Ministry of research. With 32000 persons, 1115 research units spread throughout the country, the CNRS carries out research in all scientific fields of knowledge. Moreover, the CNRS conducts interdisciplinary programmes, one major objective being to promote inter-disciplinarity to improve knowledge, ensure economic and technological development or solve complex societal needs.

In the Comm4CHILD ITN, the CNRS is represented by the GIPSA-lab and the LPNC. The two research groups have a long history of fruitful collaborations. The GIPSA-Lab is specialized in information processing with a specific focus on speech and cognitive processes in the human brain, with a multidisciplinary expertise uniting algorithmic developments, computational modeling and machine learning, phonetics and language sciences, and behavioral and neurocognitive experiments. The LPNC has a long-lasting expertise in cognitive science, specifically in the areas of perception, action, spatial cognition, memory, and language, with an interdisciplinary approach combining experimental neuropsychology, developmental studies, modelling, cognitive psychiatry, and neuroimaging.