Beneficiary: Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium

The goal of this project is to research the variability in listening performance in children with hearing impairment using AVATAR (Audio-Visual True-to-life Assessment of Auditory Rehabilitation) and other behavioral measures. This true-to-life model for everyday real-life listening conditions (entailing auditory, visual and cognitive cues) allows to research the challenges persons with hearing impairment encounter. The candidate will first focus on expanding the paradigm (for example by including multiple speakers, eye-tracking, reaction time ….). Subsequently, different research questions will be examined, e.g; the extent to which young children with different degrees of hearing impairment are capable of integrating sensory and cognitive cues in multi-tasking and multi-modal situations. This research will provide an in-depth understanding of the auditory/visual/cognitive interactions in speech perception in young children and guide auditory rehabilitation to the individual needs of the child.

Supervisors: Astrid van Wieringen and Jan Wouters

ESR 7: Lyan Porto