Comm4CHILD Final Conference
November 10, 2023

The Conference was held at the Musical Instruments Museum of Brussels and more than 100 participants learned more about the Comm4CHILD project! There were also presentations on the topic of speech perception in noise in children with hearing loss. 

The conference was accessible to deaf and hard-of-hearing participants. All presentations had subtitles accessible via smartphone or laptop, and we provided Assistive Listening system.

Besides the presentations, the members of Comm4CHILD and the speakers discussed with scientists, practitioners, stakeholders and students during the breaks and the drink.

Subtitles were also available in French, which made the conference also accessible to non-english speakers.

The Comm4CHILD team, with all 15 Early Stage Researchers and the consortium members

All 15 young researchers presented their work conducted over the last 3 years, first in front of the audience in the beautiful concert hall during short, prepared presentations. Then, they answered all questions from interested visitors during the poster sessions. 

From top left to bottom right: Yifang Wang, Niloofar Tafakoli, Cora Caron, Alina Schulte, Kristina Burum, Julia Chiossi, Monica Ashokumar, Lyan Porto, and Irem Adalilar
Top left: Sanjana Sakar; Top right: Nathalie Czeke; Middle right: Lucie Van Bogaert; Bottom row from left to right: Marie-Joe Kfoury, Elettra Casellato, Elodie Sabatier
This conference is organised with the collaboration of the Musical Instrument Museum