Beneficiary: University of Leeds, United Kingdom

The aim of the project is to reveal the potential of multimodal strategies to facilitate interaction between deaf children and their family members, teachers and peers and for the development of their language learning; to understand how multimodal communication strategies are influenced by context, the interactional situation and the audiological variables and technologies, and how they change over time. This will involve the analysis of daily life interactions between deaf and hearing children and adults in a) family and social milieu and b) the early education context and scrutiny of video-recorded data of situated interactions among deaf and hearing children. Multimodal analysis of this interactive data will be undertaken to provide detailed annotation, analysis and documentation of the multimodal strategies in play. The application of findings will be relevant to early intervention with families, education, health, and interpreting and communication practices in deaf/hearing communities more generally.

Supervisors: Ruth Swanwick and Edward Killan

ESR 12: Nathalie Czeke