Beneficiary: University of Leeds, United Kingdom

Young deaf children fitted with a cochlear implant from multilingual contexts are increasingly exposed to, and use, two or more spoken languages in their daily lives. However, it is not clear which approaches/strategies are most effective for the identification and support of this diversity. This vulnerable group of learners is thus at risk of failing in school and encountering subsequent problems relating to health, social participation, and employment. The language and learning needs of multilingual children need addressing as early as possible and that this can most effectively be done using an investigative approach that takes into account the full ecology of the child’s life and a multi professional (education and health) perspective. The project will examine cochlear implant users’ exposure to and use of multiple languages in their daily lives and the different contexts for the multilingual communication and language development.

Supervisors: Ruth Swanwick and Edward Killan

ESR 11: Elettra Casellato