Beneficiary: University of Oslo, Norway

This project focuses on theory of mind, language and cognition, as well as their mutual relationship in early implanted deaf and deafblind (Usher syndrome) children. In Norway, where this study is being conducted, deaf children are entitled to receive bilateral cochlear implants in their first year of life, free of charge. However, being early implanted is not sufficient to close the developmental gap that exists between typically developing children and children with cochlear implants. The participants in this research are 6 to 12 year old children who have been included in intervention before the age of six. The intervention in Norway is not standardized, so different interventions (or interventions’ characteristics) might be related to different levels of particular skills. That is why we want to describe the intervention(s) in Norway and relate it to theory of mind, language and cognitive skills in deaf children with cochlear implants.

Supervisor: Björn Lyxell

ESR 9: Kristina Burum