Beneficiary: Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium

Cued Speech is a system of manual gestures produced near the speaker’s face whose shape and position disambiguate lipreading. Because it enables the development of accurate phonological representations, it has a very positive impact on speech perception and production as well as on speech-related abilities (e.g. reading) of persons with hearing impairment. This is the case even in children fitted with a cochlear implant since does not transmit speech-related spectro-temporal cues properly. Previous work from our team demonstrated that patients with cochlear implant do integrate auditory, lipread, and manual information in speech perception and that the weight allocated to those three signals is modulated by expertise in Cued Speech and by the degree of auditory recuperation (Bayard, Colin and Leybaert, 2014).

Supervisors: Cécile Colin and Jacqueline Leybaert

ESR 5: Cora Caron