Lucie Van Bogaert is from Belgium (Brussels). She obtained her master’s degree in speech therapy at the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) in June 2020. She has acquired a solid knowledge in the field of deafness during her university career. Indeed, she performed an internship at the Centre Comprendre et Parler, an institution that takes care of children with hearing problems. She also did an internship at “Erasme Hospital” at the Centre for Functional Neurological Infantile Neurological Rehabilitation (CRFNI). This is a multidisciplinary outpatient rehabilitation centre that provides assessments and guided care for children and adolescents with learning, cognitive or behavioural difficulties. In the Comm4CHILD project, she conducts her research at the CNRSLPNC lab and at the CNRS Gipsa-lab.Her PhD project focuses on the perception and production of speech in children with cochlear implants. She is particularly interested in two methods or tools for the language rehabilitation of deaf children: Cued Speech and Auditory Verbal Therapy. The aim of this project is to provide scientific evidence for parents on the influence of communication aids so that they can make an informed choice based on the evidence.

Lucie Van Bogaert works on the research project 14. Sustaining oral communicative skills in children with hearing impairment, supervised by Hélène Loevenbruck and Anne Vilain.