Niloofar obtained both her Bachelor and Master in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Isfahan and Iran University of Science and Technology, respectively. During her attendance at Neuroscience and Neuroengineering Research Lab as a Master’s student and Research Assistant, she gained valuable experiences in the field of Digital Signal Processing, Biomedical Signal Processing, and specifically Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience. During her bachelor and master studies, she participated in numerous research projects regarding Biomedical Signal Analysis and research related to Neuroscience. More specifically, her master thesis entitled “Prediction of Reaction Time based on EEG signals in a Working Memory-Guided Saccade Task (Classification of Fast- and Slow-reacting Subjects)”. She enjoys her career to be involved with research on Computational Neuroscience, specifically Auditory and Visual Neuroscience. She is currently working on her Ph.D. as a part of the Comm4CHILD project at The Department of Experimental Otology at Hannover Medical School and Institute of AudioNeuroTechnology (VIANNA) under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Dr. Kral. In this regard, she will analyze the spontaneous ongoing activity and response to auditory, visual, and somatosensory stimuli between these areas in the deaf animal model. Moreover, she will describe the time-frequency domain responses and quantify the coupling between the recorded sites. As for Leisure activities, she listens to Ambient and Post-rock music, and sometimes Traditional/Folk songs from her hometown Iran. She enjoys socializing and also enjoys teaching and learning languages!

Niloofar Tavakoli works on the research project 3. Neural mechanisms of cross-modal plasticity in Hearing Impairment (animal model) supervised by Andrej Kral.