Elodie Sabatier (ESR 13)

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Live available on December 13, from 12:30 to 14:30. You can also leave a comment at the bottom of the page or send an email to Elodie: elodie.sabatier@ulb.be

Leave a comment! Elodie is particularly interested in creating a spelling assessment tool that could be used by clinicians and/or teachers.

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Aïda Regel Poulsen
5 months ago

Hi. Thanks for your video presentation and description of your project.
To what extend did you involve grammar when looking to the ortographics?
I expect to visit you on Monday.

Elodie Sabatier
5 months ago

Hi Aïda,

Thank you for your comment. In this first study, we did not intend to involve grammar.

  • The new words were common nouns, with familiar semantic categories such as: a tool, an animal, a vegetable, a machine, etc.
  • They were presented in the singular way. Half of them with a masculine article and the other half with a feminine article, but without any markers of number or gender in their spelling.

However, in a future study, we would like to introduce the use of (derivational) morphology in spelling words (e.g. silent letters, very common in French at the end of words). We can discuss this on Monday with pleasure!

Aïda Regel Poulsen
5 months ago

Very fine. See you tomorrow !

Aïda Regel Poulsen
5 months ago

sorry for the technical issues in our meeting.
This is my e-mail: aregelpo@gmail.com

Hope to hear from. you 🙂

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