Julia started her research experience during an Undergraduate Degree in Audiology and Speech Language Pathology at the Federal University of São Paulo – Brazil. There, she worked as a student assistant at the Language and Hearing Disorders Investigation Lab (LIDAL) exploring language performance in post-lingually hearing-impaired adults. Her undergrad year-abroad at the Universidad Castilla La-Mancha – Spain brought additional insights about special education, sign-language, and cued-speech for the hearing impaired. She then focused on investigating auditory predictors of hearing and language development in cochlear implanted children, during her master’s degree at the University of São Paulo / Ribeirão Preto Medical School – Brazil, using electrophysiological measures as ABR and ASSR.  Julia also has experience as a Speech Language Pathologist at hospital settings, where she carried out her activities for 6.5 years, from which four years was undertaking the team lead. Her interest for cochlear implants brought her to the Comm4CHILD project. In Oticon Medical – Denmark, she will conduct a research over Listening Effort and Learning in Cochlear Implanted Children, pursuing a PhD degree at the University of Oslo – Norway.

Julia Chiossi works on the research project 8. Effortful listening, cognitive energy, and learning in children fitted with cochlear implant, supervised by François Patou and Elaine Ng.