Ruth Swanwick is a Professor in Deaf Education in the School of Education at the University of Leeds where she leads the deaf education research and contributes to the MA in Deaf Education/Teacher of the Deaf Programme. Ruth is also Director of Research and Innovation in the School of Education. Ruth came to Leeds University to lead the MA in Deaf Education/Teacher of the Deaf programme which was the first in the UK to recognise and support the use of sign language in deaf children’s education. Because of its unique inclusive language philosophy this programme draws applications from across the UK and is offered as a distance provision. The research expertise that Ruth brings to the ITN centres on deaf children’s diverse use of sign and spoken languages and the daily life interactions between deaf and hearing people, and the development of language pedagogies.
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Ruth Swanwick is a supervisor of the research projects 11. Multilingual language and communication development and assessment of young deaf children: Implications for educational and clinical support and intervention and 12. Multimodal communication among deaf and hearing interactants in the presence of sensory and communication asymmetries